Van Gogh’s ‘Poppy Flower’ Stolen From Cairo Museum

In an event that seems to be right out of a movie, a van Gogh has been stolen from Egypt. But what is different here is that there were no high tech gadgets involved. Infact the museum from which this painting was stolen didn’t even have most of its security cameras working! ‘Poppy Flower’ that is supposed to be around $55 million was cut out of its frame at the Mahmoud Khalil Museum.

Abdel Meguid Mahmud, Egypt’s top prosecutor said that this theft must have taken place during the daytime on Saturday. It is not that surprising, considering the security measures were pretty abysmal and only seven out of the forty three cameras were working. However, only 10 people are reported to have visited the museum.

Egypt’s culture minister on Saturday brought out a quick statement saying that two Italians possessing the painting had been arrested at the Cairo airport. But he backtracked later, saying that the previous information had been inaccurate, and that the painting was still missing. It is quite a shame that such a precious piece of art wasn’t given the kind of security that it deserved and is in the hands of thieves.

Via: BBC

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