Luxury Villa on sale in Seattle, Washington

How would you like to get a house in the seat of the empire of the richest man in the world, Bill Gates (I know the top slot keeps changing but lets face it, he was there for the longest time). The house that we are talking about is in Seattle, Washington, and is actually a luxury villa. The neighbourhood where this house is nestled is an envious one and the beauty of the house matches it.

The interiors have been designed by Garret Cord Werner, and reflect a beautiful blend of modernity and classic elegance. From windows and balcony open to a lovely landscape. I don’t really have to tell more about its beauty, as the picture speaks louder than words. I mean just look at it! Doesn’t it remind you of a set right of a movie?

And I think you probably would have guessed by now that this villa wouldn’t really have a light price tag. It is around $4.5million. But then again, you rarely get such a beautiful house in a posh locality for dirt cheap prices. I am sure this house, which was completed in 2006 could be afforded by Bill Gates.

Via: DeluxeBlog , SothebysRealty

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