Arctic Gym Helps People Exercise without the Help of Wii Fit

It is very important to stay thin, and though most people these days have tended to believe that the obsession to remain thin is unhealthy, we all know too well that it is those people who make nasty comments about extremely thin people who would laugh their asses out when they see the same person put on a little weight.

The idea however is to remain healthy, lean and mean. For that one needs to exercise, and what could be better than mixing video games with your exercise regime? The Arctic Gym has been designed for those who would like to use a video game in their exercise routine, but do not have the Wii console, which is famous for its Wii Fit board. The Arctic Gym comes with an interactive exercise mat which would help you detects your movements, and measures your performance and fitness progress.

The system recognizes your movements and then translates it to big screen. You could choose between aerobic mode, muscle workout and yoga. If you were wondering about the size, the Arctic Gym gaming mat is 170 x 60 cm, and an AC/DC adapter and 3m RCA cable for TV are also included for your convenience. It costs $86.90.

Via: Arctic Cooling

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