Giro Helmets makes a customized helmet exclusively for Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong is like the God of cycling. The man battled with cancer, beat that and then came to the races of all races, Tour De France, and won it seven consecutive times! Then he took a four year long hiatus but came back last year in 2009 to earn a respectable third slot in one of the most demanding race in the world. But the champion is not satisfied with that.

He wants to take the throne next year and is doing whatever it takes to get that. Since the biker gear is very important to improve your timing, he has tied up with Giro Helmets, a California based company. These sponsors then did some real R&D work and their team decided to make an exclusive helmet for Armstrong. That was also because their standard helmet does not fit him all too well. For this new helmet, Giro Helmet created an exact model of the cyclist and tested all their prototypes on it.

The group’s. Manager, Chris Bullock said, “We made about a hundred different helmets and tried them on the model. We had five different wind tunnel sessions since the start of the year on this project.” This July 25th, we will see if this helmet helps Armstrong win his last Tour De France.

Via: Wired

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