Now England set to give competition to premium Scottish whiskies

When it comes to whiskey, Scotland remains the undisputed king. But it is being given serious competition from several other countries like Japan, Whales, and Scandinavia. The most recent competitor is England. It is quite surprising to see that a country so close to Scotland did not have any whiskey distillery to boast about till now. But now all that is about to change as The English Whisky Company’s St. George’s Distillery at Roudham has come out with it’s third whiskey expression.

The first two weren’t exactly great. But the third one, which is a three-year old expression and is supposed to be England’s first peated Single-Malt Whisky, holds a lot of promise. The peaty taste in this whiskey comes by drying barley over smoking peat. Previously, the minimum age for a premium single malt whiskey was 10 years. But lately, some “Very Young” whiskeys have also become very popular.

The advantage of bringing out these young malts is that the distillery’s can earn income while the other whiskeys are still in the barrels. If the company wants to maintain it’s high prices, then it will have to maintain a high standard as the other Scottish distilleries have set the bar very high.

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