Veuve Clicquot and Porsche Design Bring You a $70000 Worth Wine Cooler

Porsche Design Studio and Veuve Clicquot have joined hands to create the world’s most expensive wine cooler. Porsche Design store on Rodeo Drive was the venue for this amazing wine cooler to be launched. The large refrigerator style cooler gives each of your wine bottle a space of its own. The makers also provide an esteemed collection of Veuve Clicquot’s wines, a flight of 12 classic magnums, starting with the 1955 vintage and ending with 1995.

When you have the world’s best design company and wine maker together, a price of $70,000 for this cooler shouldn’t come as a big surprise. This high-end cooler will only realize a number of 15 so you better start counting all that you have hoarded till date.  The wine partner of this venture was contemplating of making these available only in 15 major cities. But they seem to already have some elite buyers on hand.

If you’re a wine fanatic and would do anything to pamper your collection, this turns to be a “must-have” and not something that you could buy in future.

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