Uber-expensive Train Models Attract the Avid Collector

We have all heard about how intricate and complex Lego models could be. However, what might happen when it crosses the level of intricacies? Well, it would cost a lot of money to build models that are as realistic as possible that in the pictures one might mistake them for the real deal. Smart Models, Arts, & Technologies (SMARTT) is a Miami based company who have been manufacturing train models that are truly realistic.

In fact, some of the train models are so complex that would cost a 6 figure amount to purchase. Jeffrey Gerstein, director of business development of SMARTT reveals that there are more than 3 million model-train layouts nationwide. If you could dream the concept, SMARTT will build it for you and they would give you the finished model soon.

Some of the model-trains are being displayed at the California State Railroad Museum. It would be really cool to own of these if you have that kind of money. Of course, it is strictly meant for those who are really crazy about collecting model-trains and if you are not really keen, there is no point in spending so much on it.

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