Travel Through Time At Grant Achatz’s Next

Creativity and innovation are the key things which make every profession exciting. Culinary art is no exception. Usually people experiment with their menus, ingredients, experience, and so on, but there are some folks who even announce their launch in a completely unique way. That’s true, five years ago, Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonos featured a “coming soon” film on their website months before they opened Alinea in Chicago. Yet again they have released a trailer for their soon to be opened Next Restaurant and a cocktail lounge called Aviary.

Next will be ready by fall this year and will make you experience not just any menu, but dishes from different eras. Every three months the menu will capture great moments from the past or future. The trailer reveals this concept of Next in a truly intriguing way. It begins with, “Exploration of world cuisine”. Then takes us to the pre war Paris, post that we suddenly land in the future Hongkong of 2026 and rush back to the 1949 Sicily. The trailer gives more dope on the restaurant. Like, Next will have four menus every year and serve cuisines from Tokyo Edo Period, the Veneto, Sau Paulo 1968, Ayutthaya 1767 and Cajun 1977. Aviary too will imbibe the theme of time travelling and will serve a portion of Next’s menu.

The drama doesn’t just end here, but Achatz and Kokonos will sell out tickets for their restaurant. So thanks to this timeless creativity get ready to have experience of a lifetime.

Via nytimes

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