Hide your T.V. under the bed with Auton’s Dream Machine!

This would actually be a dream for a kid whose parents have been after his life to stop watching the T.V. Auton, known for its TV Lifts, has till now done an excellent job in coming up with contraptions to conceal our plasma and LCD TV screens in cabinets at the mere touch of a button. It has now gone a step ahead in this hide and seek business with its latest offering — the Dream Machine.

I was not cooking up a fantasy when I said that this would be a dream for a kid hooked to the idiot box. With its seamless and simple to operate ways, Auton’s Dream Machine slides your TV under your bed and back on the stand at the touch of a button.

What makes it even better is that the Dream Machine comes pre-assembled and it needs no modifications to adjust with your bed frame. Adorning a price tag of $13,999 for the DM70 and a $22,999 tag for DM120S, it can withhold 120lb. imagine the possibilities! You watching your favorite show and as soon as mommy dearest comes you can hide the T.V at the touch of a button! But then again, which kid would be able to afford this! Life isn’t perfect after all!

Via: Avrev , Auton

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