The Next Gen Y: Luxury Lab’s Generation Next Forum

The next biggest event is here, the Luxury Lab’s Generation Next Forum. We surely have been waiting for this happening event which will have a major influence or even a high impact on tomorrow’s opulent consumers.

The L2 Generation Next Forum happening this 14th May 2010 may drastically change our views in the forthcoming trend of living. The forum analyses the mannerism, predominance, and brand trends of future customers. The Generation Next Forum will combine both education and entertainment to bring you a breath of fresh air with the largest gathering of esteem marketers in North America which will be held in Washington Square, New York. It will be featuring the high-velocity presentation by distinguished leaders from the industry, academia, and Gen Y.

It will include ground breaking research on media consumption and spending power. There will be various performances by emerging artists, and a product demonstration on edge of the network and also not forgetting networking senior executives from prestige media and technology firm. The tentative agenda will include 2 modules with the insight giving a global view of the whole.

So be prepared since there will be a metamorphosis in the spending power from boomers to Gen Y over the next 2 generations that will be the most breathtaking economic transition in the history.

Check the video here:

L2 Generation Next Forum: May 14, 2010 from L2 Think Tank on Vimeo.


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