Sharp Talks Of 3-D LCD Screens That Work Without The Glasses

Expect the Japanese technology to always come up with the unexpected. This time it is the electronic brand Sharp that unveiled a liquid crystal display aka LCD touchscreen. This little gadget shows 3-D images without the need for any special glasses. There are no specific plans yet but Sharp intends to equip the giant Nintendo’s forthcoming DS console next spring with this technology.

So, the user will be able to see three-dimensional images at a distance of 30 centimetres from the Sharp screen. This means that you would not be needing any special glasses. Sharp has made use of parallax to display different images to each eye and provide an illusion f three dimensions while retaining image clarity.

Apparently, Sharp has been busy developing the 3-D product since 2002 so you really cannot call this venture an Avatar effect. That part is  just a conincidence. The company was able to realise quite early of the poor picture resolutions and brightness. The production of the new LCD Sharp screens should start in September. And that’s not where the Sharp team rests. It even claims that the next-generation cellphones will all be equipped with 3D screens that will function without requiring any special glasses.

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