Vanity Club at Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Is the Hippest Place to Be in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that grew from being a tiny outpost to a gambling Mecca. In fact even those who don’t gamble go to Las Vegas in order to experience the lights and sounds that the city of glitz and glamour offers. It is home to strip clubs, joints, adult stores, nightclubs, casinos and luxurious hotels and that is perhaps why it called the city of sin.

Now, if you were to sin, you could sin anywhere, even in Kabul, Afghanistan. Instead of talking about sin, let us talk about decadence and luxury. The Vanity Club at Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel & Casino exemplifies decadence and hedonism. It reeks of money and wealth, and of course vanity.

The 14,000 square foot upscale nightclub comes with 20,000 lit crystals and the antique mirrors, marble bars, honeycombed walls, lavish restrooms and a centrepiece chandelier are something that you should savour every minute you are there. The interiors were done by Californian designers Mister Important, and it sure looks very important. If you were planning for a vacation, head straight towards Las Vegas, and check into the Hard Rock Hotel, and thank me for letting you know about it!

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