Some Cashmere to Style Up Your Toilet Roll

British supermarket chain Waitrose has reportedly begun offering toilet paper using cashmere among its products. If you are wondering how on earth cashmere could go into toilet tissues, here is the truth. It is not cashmere fibre that goes into the paper, but oil extracted from the hairs of a cashmere goat that is used to cover the toilet paper. Some out of box thinking this! Cashmere is famed for its soft feel and is one of the most prized materials, going a step ahead in this case, in pursuit of customer happiness.

Waitrose has its section f loyal and select customers and the toilet paper roles have gone on sale to capitalize on this lot for a start. Waitrose officials say Cashmere is that stamp of quality for fashion garments and designer suits.
The supermarket won’t reveal quite how much cashmere goes into each roll, but insists it is a “significant” amount. No cashmere fibres themselves are included in the manufacturing process. Rather, the paper is covered in oil extracted from the hairs of the cashmere goat. Cashmere according to them, adds style to products.

Not surprisingly, each cashmere roll pack would cost you £2.29 for four in the pack. This is exactly twice the price of Waitrose’s basic toilet tissue version Essentials Ultra.

Via: bookofjoe, telegraph uk

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