Boomerang™ Video Conference Table for Smart People

Your office’s conference room is just about to get better! The new furniture which you get to see in the picture is something which most of us would die to have in our conference rooms, a non bulky and trendy conference table. The Boomerang™ Video Conference table is an easy-to-carry and a light-weight table.

This detachable table has inbuilt cameras strategically placed so that they do not make the table look crowded and it also provides space to keep your laptop and few other files while using this smart piece of furniture. The boomerang shaped plank of this table is light and does not consume up all the space provided in a room, unlike other conference tables. If you think that one Boomerang™ Video Conference table will not be able to cater to your requirements, and then guess what, you can easily team it up with another table and Voila!

The cameras present in this table will not only focus on you but will provide the entire view of the room in the frame, which can be adjusted otherwise. It comes with 2-3 built-in LCD’s, which on being folded will provide you a plane desk!�

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