Presenting The All New Expedition Dome Tents From The North Face

For all the adventurers and for those who might have planned an expedition to the Himalayas, Antarctica or to any other place that could prove to be too hard to bear, the all new 2 meter dome shaped expedition tent from The North Face is the perfect living quarter. This one of a kind tent could prove to be one of he best base camps, you would have ever lived and it can accommodate six to eight people with ease.

The North Face 2 meter dome tent provides the ultimate combination of comfort and durability and is definitely a must for all mountaineers, athletes, scientists or any other person who is planning a trip to the harshest conditions in the world, for extended periods of time. The entire dome tent is made from highly durable fabric that ensures the structural integrity of the tent even the harshest of weather. The 2 meter dome tent has been provided with Easton 7075-E9 aluminium poles, that are not only sturdy, but with their design, they maximize the space of the tent, thus providing adequate living space for the occupants. Also, the tent come with two exterior windows, dual door, interior canopy loops and most astounding of all, chimney vent.

According to Cedar Wright (he North Face Athlete, Rock Climber)

“If you are planning on spending long periods of time in the mountains, this is the dream base camp tent. This 2-Meter Dome was my living room, bed room, kitchen, and art studio for two months in the Himalayas. It was so cozy I almost didn’t want to leave.”

The North Face 2 meter dome tent is available via the company website and carries a price tag of $5,000.

Via Be Sportier

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