French Jewelers RYAN Unveil Luxury Handset for the Chinese Market

Most products from France automatically get termed as luxury products, because they come from the land of Marie Antoinette and Napolean! Well, that was a weird thing to say, but it is no big news that France is the biggest exporter of luxury and fine living. This time around, French company Ryan has launched a cool new cellphone for the Chinese market which would target the high end market in the communist country.

The REYN handset is made of 925 pure silver and sapphire and you could ask their artists to dole out a laser enabled artwork which would consist of a logo, motto or signature. There is no information about the price or availability and there is also no information about the specification.

It is certainly something that most people in China can’t afford and that makes it rather exclusive. Moreover, the Chinese luxury market is already burgeoning and I am sure the REYN handset would be met with open arms and embraces. If you are located in China and were looking for a good-looking cellphone, this might be it!

via: Uber Gizmo

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