Aeroponic Garden by Jim Ruck Popularizes Avant-garde Gardening

You must have heard of terrestrial gardening, indoor gardening, container gardening… but ever heard of Aeroponic Gardening?? Sounds strange, but this avant-garde gardening concept has been brought to life by Jim Ruck. The invention, called Aeroponic Garden, has broken all biological laws and has proved that plants do not require soil to grow!

This portable product has misters in it, which are located at the inner bottom. These misters provide the plants a constant source of nutrients and water. All it requires is a medium voltage source so that it can pump water and switch off the misters when required and in case a power supply is not available then a set of batteries can also support its continuance. It is so compact that it can very well fit in your dining table or your kitchen shelf for that matter!

The best part is, you can grow any vegetation year-round without even caring about the soil it would need! This neat and clean, hassle free creation is going to create a stir is the market and carves a niche for itself! After all, who had ever thought that you can be a plant lover without loving the mess which comes along with it?

Via: Tuvie

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