Get The Most Expensive Dip In The World Courtesy ‘Me! Bath’

If the most expensive car in the world is your stead and the most luxurious palace your home, then it is only a matter of consequence that you would want to take a dip in the most exquisite bath in the world. Me! Bath is a company offering this extraordinary experience that has been christened ‘The Eighth Continent’. By the by, it is bound to cost you $50,000 for a session.

The bath in question makes use of a rare water combinations that has ingredients like Arabian Sidr Honey, Peruvian Pink Salt, Illipe Butter from Borneo, Murumuru Butter from the Amazon, Kokum Butter from India and Israeli Jojoba Oil. Plus 24-karat gold has been used to add that extra glitter to the whole affair. We have a feeling that even Cleopatra would be envious if you are soaking in this one.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver is being used to deliver the bath which has been designed by the finest craftsman and artists in Israel. The price if big. Do not be misled by the picture. Even we were surprised by its disconnection with the bath thingy but then this is what the company identifies itself to the consumers.

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