You Will See Floating Bottles Of Wine Thanks To The Tiffany Acrylic Bar

Let’s face it. In the present times, it is very rare to find an interior that is spacious enough to let you enjoy an exclusive area to stock all your favorite spirits. Like we said it’s rare, but not impossible. So if you are in the habit of letting your wine bottles last a long time, then we strongly recommend you to see the Tiffany Acrylic Bar.

This one is a wondrous and very modern functional art sorta piece of furniture that will make sure you are in high spirits everytime. The bar not just holds all your favorite collector’s wine and champagne bottles but it also gives a new lift to your home decor.

They have created the bar top in color options of black and white. At any given time, the Tiffany Acrylic Bar can keep eight bottles of wine or champagne. That too in a very cool way. The unit has two panels on each side with holes in them. Tow holes hold one bottle. Since the panels are see through, the sight gives you the impression that the bottles are floating. The price is $2,000.

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