Erez Bar Am Designs Radio Active, an Analog Device

Erez Bar Am, an Industrial Design graduate from Shenkar College for Engineering and Design, Israel has designed a cool new analog radio that could prove to be a hip product in the near future. The hip design and the chic look makes the “Radio Active” a truly desirable gadget that comes with a number of strings that users need to pull separately to control volume and to change stations.

It is made in fabric and plastic and can be hung on the wall without a hitch. You would need to use your arms to control the radio and it seems to be an anti-contemporary design in a functional way, as it encourages physical movement. It could be seen as a gadget that lets you control manually instead of automatically.

This way, you would not only get exercise, but also some amount of activity in the name of using the radio. Thus, it would stop you from being a couch potato, and help you avoid paunch bellies. There is no information about its suggested price or date of availability. So, let us all just wait for it!

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