Elvis Presley’s Graceland Might Just Get A Makeover

Music legend Elvis Presley continues to be among the top dead celebrities of this world. It has been 30 years since he passed away but his fans continue to remember him and make the ‘pilgrimage’ to Graceland year after year. And from what we hear, the current owners of the property CKX Inc are thinking of some redevelopment for the 100 acres of land surrounding this Tennesse home.

The owner of American Idol frnachise, Robert Sillerman took over the controlling interest of Elvis Presley Enterprises back in 2004. And this man is previously floated a $250 million redevelopment of the same area a couple of years ago. Part of this project, some of the old visitor centers as well as as the Heartbreak Hotel will have to be demolished. Next month will see Sillerman discussing further these plans of a makeover for the popular landmark.

Government officials will be excluded from the meeting though their involvement will indeed happen but at a much later stage. From what it looks like, Sillerman is also hoping to improve city features like Elvis Presley Boulevard. We are wondering where all the money will come from considering the banks are holding rather tight to their purse strings!

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