Kabbalah Vodka Is Reborn!

Kabbalah usually brings the image of pop diva Madonna bowing down to her God. Well, sometimes that’s what a celebrity association with a name turns out to be – fixtures in the mind. However, this post is not about the religion but a vodka brand that goes by the same name. In fact, this vodka maker is even credited for bringing back a long forgotten vodka recipe that has long been considered lost. But not anymore.

With spirits up (both literally and figuratively), this one comes as a part of a new premium segment surprisingly only for the Russian market (we, the rest of the world, has started to feel a bit left out here) packed in a unique bottle with a handmade infant inside. In fact, this lends it the name ‘Kabbalah’ which means ‘children’.

Some of you would love it but there still will be some who might not appreciate the cute baby image associated with liquor. So maybe you can cover the bottle with something and enjoy the rich flavors of wheat in a special water that has been enriched in silver, gold and platinum ions. Plus let us add that the glass baby figurines are rarely repeated, apparently not more than three times as they stand for the three ways of Kabbalistic permuting of Torah’s texts.

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  • Um… I’m looking for the other comments, because I simply CAN’T be the first one to point out that “Kabbalah” does not mean “children”…. The babies are much more likely a reference to the European myth that Jews use the blood of Christian babies in some of their rituals. In other words, the use of the term Kabbalah is not an homage to Jewish spirituality, but quite on the contrary, an antisemitic appropriation….

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