Lenco iPod Tower: Looks Great, But Is It Worth?

Sometimes, the most attractive gadget takes the prize for looking good, though it does not perform real well. In the past we have featured several super speakers which do their job in the most amazing manner. However, the Lenco iPod Tower by Swiss electronics brand Lenco looks amazing though it may not compare to the speakers we have featured earlier.

The Lenco iPod Tower will be available in the British territory during the first quarter of 2010. The speakers can support all iPods and also comes with other features such as FM radio with 60 presets, USB 2.0 connection, SD/MS/MMC card reader, Sleeptimer and Adjustable bass and treble sound. It also has a cool LED display and with the multifunctional iPod dock, it is only going to help you more.

However, you may want to remember that the price is not mentioned yet, and it would tend to be on the higher side, even for high end buyers. That brings the question of its efficacy and worth for money. It sure looks great, but would you pay loads for something that just looks good but does not perform all that well? Well it may perform too, but I am not quite convinced.
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    I Managed to snap one up at Play.com before they sold out.. for only £99.99 INC VAT… after seeing this review I thought it was going to cost at least £200 to £300, couldnt believe its only £99

    The Bass is mega deep and it has 3 massive speakers built into it (1 x 30wt Bass, 2 x 15wt Trebles) that give ultra clear crisp sounds, ok so its no Bose but for £99.99 I have a great looking solidly built speaker that looks and sounds fantastic in my front room… all my mates want one but as Play have sold out they have to wait… lucky me.

    Seriously, a great buy and a great product

  • my 3 year old son pulled my i pod out of this item and the fitting stayed in the ipod i now need a spare part but cannot get it anywhere so it cannot be fixed bear this in mind if you are thinking of buying one . not suitable where there is children .

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