Indoor Golf Just Got Bigger With The Bravo Simulator

The affluent golfers are known to be affluent spenders too. How else would you explain their indulging in one of the most expensive hobbies ever! Well after all the prepping up, let us introduce you to a great indoor golf simulator options. Called the Bravo Golf Simulator, this one has been crafted from the best in quality material. We are talking carefully selected screen fabric to ensure optimum visuals as well as a projector of 5000 ANSI with a booth made from a rare quality fabric complete with a graceful design and a range of color options.

Believe it or not, but the impressive screen promises you an unbelievable 16:9 aspect ratio for the high definition graphics. Even the other features are larger than life like the user friendly GUI interface, multilingual backup system and the eight-faced moving plate that keeps the turf around the ball to the real thing, as close as possible.
The Bravo Golf Simulator flaunts a patented 32-bit ‘Micom Sensor’ which keeps a track of the ball’s trajectory in three dimensions and the nine movements. No word on the pricing yet.


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