Ahilya Scarves Borrow The Best From Indian Traditions

Manuela Moollan’s brand of fashionable scarves Ahilya borrows its name from an Indian queen, Ahilya Bai Holkar, who was lovingly called ‘the philosopher queen’ by her admirers. Well, the 18th century member of Royalty loved to help her subjects and so won many hearts. To that effect, all of Moollans new creations are products of Kashmir which is famous for the rare cashmere it produces and are here to win you all over.

And might we add, that the cashmere is not just any cashmere. The throats and underbellies of Kashmiri goats have been laboriously combed for threads that are twelve to fourteen micrometers thick, which is really the standard of the most exemplary woven wools. Just so you know, seven of those fibers will have to be combined to match the thickness of a human hair.
The fibers are carefully hand spun and then woven to be followed with dexterous dyeing. Moollan has made sure that no mechanical processes have been used to create the scarves, following in with the theme of the days of Sanskrit. Ahilya has five ranges targeted at kids, then there are the ornate ones called Lace, diamond weave Touch, the diaphanous Ethereal and the Ultimate collection which has been made from leafed gold or silver thread. The starting price is $318.

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