24K Pencil Layered With Pure Gold Searches For A Worthy Owner

The rich and the blue-blooded born with every luxury that man could dream up lead a life so far removed from that of the average man that sometimes things they would take for granted sound ridiculous to us. Bring to mind Veronica Lodge who would use $100 bills as bookmarks or Uncle Scrooge who goes swimming in his huge vault filled with gold coins.

So what if they are just comic book characters? The celebrities of today lead a life that is quite similar to Ronnie and Richie Rich. I bet if Paris Hilton were still in school today, she would dot her i’s and j’s with little hearts using this gold pencil. Designed by Daisung Kim, the pencil is actually coated with 99% pure gold. No wonder it’s called 24k Gold!

The gold pencils languor luxuriously in their gold bar boxes waiting for some rich princess who is worth using this to scribble an indecent figure in a checkbook. Don’t even think about trying to buy this; you may be able to, but the pencil will refuse to work in a hand beneath its level!

Via: DesignBoom
24k pencil

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