Arena Metasonic Is Musical Treat From Watchmaker Gerald Genta

It’s a rather regular phenomenon for brand Gerlad Genta to blow their customers away with their collections of super-stylish watches. But their newest offering Arena Metasonic is even more. One look at it and you will realise the many years they must have spent developing this concept. This timepiece is symbolic for holding the company’s obessession with giving their watches a musical twist. We have seen some that repeat time at your command and even those that chime at regular intervals. If we hear correct, you get both and some more in the Arena Metasonic watch.

The frame is 46mm wide and has been made in titanium as well as other special metal alloys to achieve a superior sound quality. The case indeed must have taken a long time to design what with the highly stylized construction that includes technical looking pushers and levers. Even the manually wound movement is very complex since it can be seen through the dial and caseback right behind the sapphire crystals. You can see the cute little hammers too that beat playfully when the sonnerie is activated. We have a sneaky feeling that you might need to wind this watch quite often.

The backside features the dual power reserves. Among the sonnerie functions, you can also enjoy the silent mode. In fact, this timepiece lets you choose between louder and more soft tones. We wanna warn you that it’s gonna be real expensive.

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