Meet The Only Spherical Wall-Mounted Fireplace In The World, Cupola

Come winter and all homes will be glowing with the familiar glow of the warm, cosy hearths in their living rooms. Now the deal is, which of these fireplaces will dare to be different from the rest vis-a-vis the design, functioning or even the eco-friendliness! Well, that’s a toughie. While you figure the big mystery, let us present to you the world’s first and only spherical wall-mounted fireplace. Called Cupola, this one comes from the same fellasĀ at Vauni who earned kudos for the ‘Globe’ fireplace.

Back to Cupola, this beauty can be mounted on the wall just like a flat-screen TV. Not just flaunting a unique shape, this one displays a very superior technology too. The adjustable bio-ethanol burner lets youĀ enjoy a very vent-less routine of hassle-free and safe flames.

A valuable addition to your modern decor, the fireplace looks nothing short of a stunning sculpture thanks to its dynamic and out-of-the-box design. Lightweight aluminum has been used to make Cupola, which is available in shades of white and black both with a matte finish. The price tag reads $2,735.


Via vauni

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