Very Compact Folding Bicycle Bundles Up Quick

Folding or foldable bikes an urban cyclists’ dream, what with them having to squeeze their eco-friendly vehicles between cars and motorbikes.

A lot has been down to help break down a cycle so much you can fold it into a box. Designs to make them more compact only got more smarter over years. A new folding bike concept by Victor Aleman is one such innovation that adds the smart tag a little more firmly to it.

Optimum use of available urban space, efficiency to stay as compact as possible, were what made the designer work on such a concept.

Most Compact Folding Bike PartsFoldable BicycleThe bicycle’s wheel has six modules, each with double pivot in their joints. This lets the wheel to get folded and turn smaller. Aleman says the double triangle structure is composed by expandable modules. Each module collapses to a smaller dimension and then these modules align by the rotation of the axis in the joint of the structure. The structure has special parts that fold into the form of an X that aligns all the modules to their position. The bicycle thereby becomes a bundle in the end.

Via: Treehugger
Most Compact Folding Bike

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