M.Shade Carport From Sankyo Lets You Travel The Green, Luxury Path

Contrary to popular belief, the super-rich do have a conscience. Well, how else do you explain the endless charities and drives to save the earth? Folks like Edward Humes with a good heart and a splurging bank balance will definitely be interested in the new concept carports that are doing the roundd of the eco new world thesedays. A perfect substitute for the Bond-style pop-up garage, these are actually solar panel roofs.

A creation coming from Japan-based Sankyo Tateyama Aluminum is a great way to go green for the rich without having to compromise on their ultra-high standards of living. Referred to as M.Shade (aka M. frontage Solar Shade) this one has the ability to generate power to the capacity of 2.52kw vis-a-vis its photovoltaic cells. Other than that, it can accomodate two cars too.

Each carport has been made from 12 solar panels that together provide 2,235kw of energy per year, as per Sankyo this is can cover 50% of a typical household needs. M.Shade costs $40,000 plus installation charges.

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