An Ultra Glam & Blingy LCD TV Meant For The Likes Of Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is the trademark babe in the luxury woods. In fact, her name sells so much that a TV blinging group has decided to dedicate their new TV to the hotel heiress. The claim is that they have decorated many LCD TVs before but their hottest innovation has been done n the strong Fuchsia crystals. The color is such a dominating force here that ‘meant for Paris Hilton’ seems to be a very natural thing.

We are told that this television was a surprise gift for th beautiful Hilton babe when she was in Germany recently. The makers think that the Fuchsia (rose is very school-girl sorts) and Jet combo works well for a grown-up gadget freak girl. The deep, bright shade of pink has a personality and character of its own.

It is just the frame of this gorgeous 40″ LCD TV that is covered with some 14,000 crystallised trademark Swarovski Elements. Some of you might think that the looks of this idiot box might hinder with the TV viewing process. Well, not while you are like Paris Hilton. After all this TV packs in loads of oomph for someone with loads of oomph.

Via bling-my-thing

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