A Shipwrecked Submarine Home Theater Dedicated To Retro- furturism

The mankind has always been fascinated by the future whether it’s been philosophers, writers and scientists, of course. Sci-fi fans intend to take it to an all new level altogether. Retro-futurism is the form that is the current favorite with both geeks and connoisseurs. And if you have the moolah (apart from the zest, of course) then you must definitely check out the Shipwrecked Submarine Home Theater.

A fascinating concept, this one is really the play room of Wayne Eyre (no relation of the famous Jane Eyre) who went on to spend a huge $100,000 on this submarine complete with plutonium-leaking torpedos.

Apart from the sci-fi razzmataz, the theater features the best in equipment as well as furniture. A whole set of reclining chairs are at your disposal as you set out to enjoy the three-meter big screen TV with an ultimate surround sound system that emit sonar and ocean sonds throughout the 12-meter by 5.5m room. On the base of custom wood, a spray of concrete and paint reminds of rusting steel beams while the melted plastic sheets give the impression of bent steel.

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shipwrecked submarine home theater

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