Xanadu HRS100 Is A Real Top Quality Audio System

Pretty much like the magic of the mythical Xanadu that we have read about in poems and literary works, the new HRS100 speakers by the same name aspire to live up to the famous Xanadu reputation. Created by a Dutch manufacturer, this treat for the true audiphile feels like it has come from some exotic lands.

Here is a little dope on the company. Xanadu is locted in the small city of Eessselmeyden and has been quite busy developing the finest qualities in sound technology. The result has been the top notch HRS100. We are told that this has been finest creation by the brand so far!

Standing at a height of 130 cm, the audio system has been covered in several layers of lacquer in hand. The final finishing has been given in natural wood veneer. The woofers measures up to 4 x 26 cm. Each column located on D’Appolite pair of 18 cm midrange has ribbon twitters and ceramic diffusers. The price range is justifiably high at € 29.500.

xanadu-HRS100-Audio System

Via xanadu
Xanadu HRS100 Audio System

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