Imagine A Bathtub That Brings You Nirvana

Spas are good but thet can be deliciouly better when under the roof of your house. You know what we mean, a personal luxury bathtub! Having one at our disposal is a great way to relax and rejuvenate without the unnecessary trouble of driving out to the nearest one, this makes time also a constraint. And these are just the reasons why private bath culture has gained popularity. And this was indeed a favorable time for the launch of a new bathtub called Nirvana.

As the Hindi name suggests, this tub is aimed at bringing your senses to a nirvana of comfort and unwinding. It promises a heavenly bathing experience which is achieved by the 360 LED light spots on its surface. Chromotherapy forms the key principle of this stylish bathtub.

The control system has been integrated under the bathtub such that absolutely nothing interferes with your star-spangled relaxing existence. It boasts of touch controls. The control panel lets you have access to the electronice tap. And if you want the hand shower, just wave your hand. The temperature gets displayed on the rim of the bathtub. Again, the colored lights can be turned on and off to suit your preference.

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