District Carbon Bikes From Trek Are All About Style

Riding bicycles at one time meant all about being prepared to fix your bike chains because they have the property of always kicking out from place. Fixing them can also take some time and leaves you with grease on your hands (which is a decidedly unbecoming look for a date).

Bike chains may soon become a thing of the past, what with belt drives trying hard to take their place. Although they’ve only been around for just a few years, belt drives have gained the respect and admiration of bikers since they are more durable and sustainable than bike chains over time. The District Carbon Bike from Trek uses the belt drive to advantage. Since the belt drive is not supposed to stretch and break over time, the bike is slightly more economical.

The stylish bike is Trek’s third bike with a belt drive after the District and Soho which came out last year. This bike features an OCLV Carbon Fibre frame for a more lightweight design; plus, it looks really stylish. Then again, $3,360 seems like a helluva lot to pay for a bike, even one as cool as this.

Via: GizModo
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