Sheikh Mansour Strikes Deal with Virgin Galactic

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan owns the Manchester City Football Club, and boy he must be swimming in loads of money. He has met with the flamboyant Richard Branson and has agreed to invest USD280 million in a project to the space called Virgin Galactic. Virgin Galactic is a kind of service offered by Richard Branson to kick start the space tourism.

The Sheikh would invest in the insurance of the deal and he shall make use of his Aabar Investments. With this in mind, Aabar would be granted the rights to host Virgin Galactic tourism. Moreover, Abu Dhabi would turn from being a desert tow into a space hub with rockets and space technology creeping into the dusty sand dunes.


As many as 300 people have already registered for the space travel program and even Stephen Hawkings has taken notice of the Virgin Galactic. If you wanna go and fly into the space with these guys, you would need to spend about USD40 Million. The sheikh certainly looks happy about something, doesn’t he?


Via: Luxury Insider

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