Sylvie Fleury’s Idea Of Appropriating Gold In Trash Cans

Luxury lifestyle just went quaint. It was the ‘Yes to All’ 24-K gold plated collection that took our fancy first a little while ago. Well, it was designer Sylvie Fleury’s idea of creating an edition of eight NY garbage cans. And now she has gone a step further with the gold-plated trash bin. Many believe that this work-of-art symbolises fashion, commodity, aesthetics and flamboyance all packed into one unit.

The trash bin has been made in tin only to be coated all over in sheets of gold. So far only 25 pieces has veen created which means that it is a limited edition in a way trying to justify the high price range $10,000-$15,000. Again afer spending so much on a trash can, we think it will only be the gold dust that will get there.

And now, let’s tell you some more about Fleur’s philosophy of work. She is part of a group of European post-Minimalist artists who try to integrate contemporary formalism with an ironic study of everyday life. So most of her creations are abstract and reduced to its most elemental form. Also, one can’t ignore her appropriation of gold.

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