Say “Cheers!” With The Spiegelau Lager Beer Glass

We never knew that to enjoy great beer to the max you need proper glassware. Brand Spiegelau tells us so with its new Beer Classic Barrel. The glasses are unique with a narrow base that broadens into a winder mouth. We are informed that this structure channels the aromas while preserving the froth on top. Again, the beer drinker can also enjoy the highlights of color, clarity and carbonation of his or her favorite beverage.

A regular pack of glasses contains six of thse lager glasses all from the Spegelau’s Beer Classics Collection sitting comfy in an aging carboard box. It comes for a price of $75. Also, eah glass can hold up to 17 ounces of beer.

The glasses are also retailed for $30 a two pack, the barrel has included one for free as a promotional tool. Well, we had heard of special glasses for wine and champagne but beer never really attained that ‘luxe’ status before. But things seem to be changing for this frothy drink as the new lager glass from Spiegelau bring to you the varying flavors of grains and yeast of the beer.

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  • Really? Beer never “attained that ‘luxe’ status” that wine and champagne got special glasses for? There is a larger selection of unique beer glasses designed for specific beers then there are for wine and champagne combined, In fact; Samuel Adams spent over $1 Million on the design of their new beer specific glass.

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