DYA Cellphone: Unique Diagonal Slider Design

DYA cellphone has been designed by Aran Mun which comes with a weird diagonal slider design. The rounded bubble buttons make the phone even more outlandish and the moment I took a look at this phone, I knew I just wanted it all for myself. The buttons are arranged in a way they can sit in the triangular shaped partition of the cellphone.

The phone is even soft to touch and that has been made possible by an elastic pain. The phone seems to address many problems faced by today’s users. Accidental falls, drops and scratches can’t be avoided, but damage to the cellphone can certainly be avoided thanks to the soft pad. Moreover, it somehow seems easier to speak on the cellphone with this diagonal slider design.

There is no technical information and I guess the design is all about the body and its design more than what resides inside. Ad a cool camera, a couple of other specs and a goo0d storage space and this would be an awesome cellphone. I only wish it is released soon.

Via: Design Boom

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