An Ode From A Pen To The First Man On Moon

The landing of Apollo 11 on the moon has just become an excuse now to dole out one luxe item after another, in commemoration of the historic event. Not that we are complaining! This once is the famous brand Fisher Space Pen Co. which has decided to launch a limited edition of AG7-40LE Space Pens. With only 1000 units in production, this pen is trying its best to justify its exclusivity. We are told that it is the replica of the historic anti-gravity model pen.

There is a piece of ‘Kapton’ foil floating in its water-clear acrylic dome sealed into the pen’s cap. For the uninitiated, this foil was used as a protective thermal insulation on the Apollo 11 Command module. Boy, and if that wasn’t enough for the space die-hards, this rare pen is finished with blac titanium nitride and also has detailed engravings of the pen’s serial number as well as the names of the Apollo 11 crew in 24-K gold.

Not to forget is the magnetic pedestal that lets the pen to sit comfy in its own launch pad when the lid is closed. The gorgeous presentation case tells the story of the Apollo 11 mission. The price tag says $800.

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