Conceptual Furniture by Droog and Richard Hutten

Conceptual furniture has a way with people. It either makes sense or makes no sense at all. In either case, it comes with hidden meanings which may be overlooked by the masses. If you have enough aesthetic sense to appreciate the art and the idea behind such furniture, you must check out Dutch designer Richard Hutten’s conceptual furniture.

Most of the times they look humorous and weird, but also are very functional. Droog NY now represents this famous Dutch designer and you could check out some of the more awesome pictures of his furniture. The one here above looks like a group of slabs arranged to form a table.


It is almost an illusion but the way the table plays tricks with your mind is totally cool. The chair with black rope tied all around it might indicate the electric chair even! They say, the meaning of art depends on the perception of the viewer. Conceptual furniture too can be interpreted in many ways.


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