Baby Racer II Will Initiate Your’Un To Brand BMW

If you love owning a BMW then you might just want to share the joy of driving such a brilliant car with kid too, or it might serve as a good initiation into worshipping your favorite speedster! The market is abuzz with talks of the new BMW Baby Racer II which is a whole bagful of fun for kids both outdoors as well as indoors.

A lot of thought and design has gone into making this little wonder. Thick tires hold the toy vehicle without making any noise and also¬ overcome small obstacles with a lot of ease just like an adult would do in his/her original BMW car.

The design is of a high-quality as you can well make put with the bright red seat that is upholstered to make it comfy for the young one. Plus it is damp-wipeable so don’t worry if kids are kids. The engine supports both low as well as high speed excursions. Standing on low center gravity, it stays on its feet even when in tight spaces like in your living room or garden. This one’s fit for kids up to 3 years of age and holds a certificate from the German Technical Inspection Association.

Via BMWgroup

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