Priciest and Prettiest of Zen Art Netbooks is here

We’ve heard of designer netbooks by the dozen, with innovative covers, features and sizes, being on the experiment mode every day across the globe. But how about possessing the most expensive netbook in the world? The most expensive that is. So far, Sony VAIO P netbook was touted as the most highly priced one.

But another netbook has come to beat even Sony Vaio. Fukuyuki from Japan is selling an Acer Aspire One for $ 3,000 reportedly. Why such a big price? Apparently, the netbook has gone through a round of decoration, by a well known Japanese artist UFO-Hayashi.

most-expensive-notebook4The artist in question is one of the most famous gadget artists in Japan. He is known for his painting on iPods, phones, Personal Computers and many other digital gadgets.

What is special about his painting, is that he uses the traditional Japanese Zen painting method called `kyo-yu-zen’. This kind of painting has a history of more than 1,300 years. Hayashi’s products are often used as props in Japanese domestic dramas.

This work of art has been put together painstakingly, over three months. The result is stupefying. Lovely floral embellishments spreading out over the cover, giving it that palatial look.

The $3,000 netbook looks befitting for queens and kings in their palaces! While light and less expensive, are the selling catchwords for laptops normally, this one is arguably the most beautiful looking netbook till now. In fact, it reminds you of those amazing diaries that cost the moon, at fancy bookstores. Would you then, buy a book by its cover? You judge.

Via: Gadget Mix, Ebay

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