Diamond Massages The latest Trend Amongst Celebrities

The rich and famous live a life that is so far removed from ours that we can only read about their lifestyles with a hungry fascination. The latest trend amongst the super rich is that of diamond massages.

Putting snake massages and chocolate massages to shame, the diamond massages involves getting a massage after which powered micronized diamonds and irons are placed on the skin of the individual. After allowing these to react for a few minutes, they are removed with the help of a magnet. Usually using diamond powder of 1.5 carats, the new massage technique is supposed to detoxify the skin from battling against the electromagnetic effects of cell phones, microwaves and computers. Apparently, this became quite the preferred massaging styling amongst celebrities during the Oscar Awards heralding a new trend.

The diamond massage is also supposed to have anti-aging effects making it the popular choice for Hollywood celebrities bent on maintaining a youthful appearance. No information yet on how much a diamond massage costs but I’m guessing it’s not something the masses can afford!

diamond massages

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