Hear Hear, Jurassic Dino Up For Sale

It might just reflect on the negative impacts of the economic meltdown, but it’s an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for serious collectors of history. Well, perhaps for the first time ever, a 150-million-year-old dinosaur is up for sale. So far housed at the Western Paleontological Laboratories in the Lehi, Utah, it is being offered to private collectors in the face of the financial crisis.

Known as the Dryosaurus altus, this one is 9-foot-long and dates back to the famous Jurassic period. CEO of Western Paleo tells that it was food for everyone else. The dinosaur auction will be held at the Natural History Auction of Stones in NYC on March 21.

Serious collectors will be happy to learn that this mounted skeleton is only second of its kind. The estimated worth falls between $440,000 and $500,000. By the way names like Brad Pitt, Leo DiCaprio, Nicolas Cage (we had guessed his affinity in the ‘National Treasure’ movies) and former Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvold like to indulge in fossil investment. You could be the next addition on the list.

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