One More Bed That’s Safe Too

In the times of the global economic meltdown, no place is safe anymore for your cash. Even the banks do not offer you the security that you are looking for. Keeping this in mind Bed makers Feather and Black have developed what they like to call the Safe Bed. This one is a divan bed equipped with a cunningly concealed drawer in its base. So, you can safely store your cash and treasures under you while you take a carefree nap.

The company’s reps claim that the safe is big enough to accommodate stacks of notes and several jewelry boxes too. Admitting that the furniture unit was borne out of a tongue-and-cheek idea but it soon became serious business once word spread about its safety assurance.

But there is a downside too. Priced at a pretty expensive 949 pounds, the bed might burn a big hole in your already credit-crunched pocket. Some of you might also feel the concept to be a bit daft, coming across as a granny bed. But the sales of household safes have increased so much in the past year that this bed maker is willing to risk it all. Are you too?

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