Motorola Nest is a Pretty Phone That Lets You Stay in Touch with Family

Kelly Bremer has designed a new and unique cell phone for Motorola called the Motorola Nest. It is unique as it has a number of features that many commercial cell phones are yet to develop. The hallmark of this cell phone is an application that allows you to stay in touch with your family members always. It is like a virtual scrapbook which lets you stay in touch and interact with people who are in your network.

This means, you will never go out of touch with any loved one even if you are in the most desolate of all places. You would first need to create a group for all the people you know and then you would need to add them according to your preference. You could choose to add just the family members or everyone you know.

It is all up to you! I would say, there are already many phones like this and hence I do not see anything special about this product. What is special is the design which makes me drool a lot.

Via: Tuvie

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