Mini Lamborghini, A Car Connoisseur Delight

We had never imagined that being super and cool ever will be put on the same platform as being deformed. But Liberty Walk Co. Ltd refutes the conventional beliefs with their custom made Lamborghini boy kits. A huge fad in Japan, the designers at Liberty Co. have taken existing Lamborghinis and made them smaller and even better than they already are! This is in sync with a Japanese caricature style where characters are drawn in an exaggerated way yet being small and clubby.

Showcased at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 in one of the slickest display booths there, four of these modified Lamborghinis had car enthusiasts drooling all over. In fact, Liberty Co. even had the mini Lamborghini Murcielago 4×4 ATVs! We agree that there is no way that these hot wheels will ever run with regular traffic what with the low profile tires and forged alloys. But that does not lessen the attraction of these beauties. We think one of those rich folks will definitely buy one to sit pretty in his or her mansion. But word’s not out on the US availability yet.


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