A Merc With The Midas Touch, Simply Gorgeous!

All that glitters ‘is’ gold if the stunning gold finger Merc is anything to go by! Model C63 AMG from the car mogul caught everyone’s fancy at the Bling on Wheels Show at the Emirates Mall in Dubai. So far, we have no idea about who the owner of this grand vehicle is but we are intrigued and impressed by someone for whom money does not matter as long as the car looks like a million bucks (or should we say a hundred million bucks)!

However, some car cynics are worried that the gold mirror finish of this Merc is a real paint job or simply a wrap sorta thing. But we think that parking your gold-wrapped C63 next to a genuine chrome SLR will be a very strange thing to do.

We hear that the C63 AMG costs about $82,000, now whether that means the gold job is excluded or included, we don’t know. But who cares when the bling is all over the car body and so classily too. A definite pleasure for the senses.




Via autoblog & mbworld

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  • It’s just a wrap from Foilacar, they are quite popular in Dubai and they don’t come cheap, as for an equivalent paint job it is no problem using Alsa paint as long as it’s done using Alsa painting equipment and to the best of my knowledge it’ll cost you less than that particular wrap!

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