A Blub That Gives Out Sound Too

Do you ever sit back and wonder, where exactly will technology lead us to some day? We all will have no qualms in agreeing that science and research has already given us a few from the unthinkable that we had categorized a century ago. Honestly, we could not come up with a better introduction for the SoundBulb which has been designed by a trio — Hoang M Nguyen, Poom Puttorngul and Anh Nguyen.

The name does speak for it all. Well, to begin with this bulb has actually managed to fit in a speaker somewhere inside its body. Many of us would say that c’mon wireless speakers exist and so do bulbs, all these designers had to do was just put them together. We respect the simplistic dismissal but let us give some credit to these wise fellas for thinking out of the box.

Actually, it is both a visual as well as a musical treat. Imagine wireless speakers streaming music all around you as shimmy disco lights glow add the party ambience. Also, we hear that the parts of the SoundBlub are replaceable and can be upgraded too. We are just a wee bit worried about the heart in the bulb damaging the speakers. Let’s see what the designers say to that!




Via yankodesign

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